UPSC CSE Mains Test series - 2019

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UPSC CSE Mains Test Series - 2019

A very warm welcome to Insights Test Series for UPSC Civil Services Mains - 2019.

There will be Total of 28 tests: 20 Full Length including 8 Full Length Essay Tests (Among 20 GS tests, first 8 Tests are Sectional but will have 20 questions each). No other test series provides these many tests with full evaluation within span of 90 days. You will have an extra definite advantage by joining this test series.

A total of Three rounds of revision of entire Mains GS syllabus is possible by adhering to our timetable.

More emphasis on Full Length Tests to provide intensive practice where a candidate can improve both speed and quality of his/her answers.

Question cum Answer Booklets (Only English medium).

Detailed feedback on answers by expert evaluation that’s trained hard by Team Insights.

Comprehensive Synopsis for each test – these will be provided within 2 days of the test.

Discussion of Tests in classroom after every test (Video of the same will be provided online for online test series subscribers) + Special sessions on Essay, Ethics and GS answer writing tips.

Evaluation of copies within 7 to Days of submission.

All Tests will be conducted under strict exam like condition with fixed timing. We will strictly NOT entertain anyone who comes late to tests. Only in special cases(for working professionals), we will provide tests in the evening that too on-demand. To bring seriousness and to provide real exam-like feeling, all tests will be conducted in one time slot for all candidates. (Test timings will be intimated once registrations are over)

Yearlong Mains Test Series

Yearlong Mains Test Series -2019 by Insights IAS is aimed at giving all UPSC civil services aspirants a platform to improve their writing skills in all aspects so as to maximise their marks in all General Studies + Essay papers in UPSC civil services Mains. You can be sure of improving marks as our evaluation focuses on identifying even smallest mistakes you commit in your answers and prescribe useful solution that would enhance quality of your answer.

Yearlong test series gives you flexibility to prepare meticulously by following our Mains timetable without compromising preliminary exam preparation. Coupled with our popular initiative of answer writing - Insights Secure - you can be sure of scoring very high marks in Mains - 2019. This test series is also flexible in the sense that you can write tests at your convenience and submit your answer scripts anytime for evaluation.

Through this test series you will realise importance of every aspect of art of answer writing - be it presentation, handwriting, structuring intelligently so as to make evaluators’ job smooth, tips to prioritising content in answers within word limit etc.

Our primary focus will be to give quality feedback within 10 days of submission of your copy thereby letting you know your mistakes before you give next test. By the end of this test series, you will be a pro in UPSC mains GS+Essay papers - provided you give all tests and work on our feedback


  • Total 30 Tests (12 Sectional Tests + 12 full length tests + 6 Essay Papers)

  • Time Period : Oct, 2018 to Sep, 2019

  • A flexible test series - Schedule as per your convenience.

  • We Promise to upload the evaluated copies within 10 days so that you could rectify your mistakes on time.

  • 20 Tests (12 ST+4 FT+4 Essay) prior to Prelims 2019 (by the end of March) and 10 Tests post Prelims 2019 (8 FT + 2 Essay).

  • Sectional tests will focus majorly on helping you to revamp basic reading and gain much of conceptual clarity while still accommodating current affairs.

  • Essay Tests prior to Prelims 2019 will be theme based,which will help you familiarize with the broad topics asked by UPSC.

  • A set of full length revision test prior to Prelims 2019 will help you in revising the whole Mains syllabus.

  • Leave no stone unturned as the 8 FT is accomodative of current affairs upto the month of September.

  • Designed in Essay + GS (1-4) papers format so that the student stays in touch with all the papers throughout the length of the test series.

  • We urge you to give these tests on the same day so that there would be no backlog for you. This is good for you as you will see great improvement in your approach to answer writing by the end of the Test series.

Terms and Conditions

  • Payment once made is non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • InsightsIAS reserves all the rights to make any changes to the test series like schedule of Test series etc.

  • It shall be student’s responsibility to get printout of the question booklet and write answers in the prescribed format only. Answers written in any paper other than Insights booklet will be rejected.

  • Answer booklets sent via mail will not be accepted for evaluation. It is compulsory for you to upload it in the portal itself.

  • At any point of time, subscription will not carry forward to next series even if the subscriber doesn’t write a single test under the subscribed test series package.

  • The last date to upload the answer copies:

  • 1. For the first leg of test series (27 Oct 2018 to 30 Mar 2019): 5th Apr 2019.

  • 2. For the second leg of test series (post prelims): 10th Sep 2019.

  • 3. Tests of 1st leg of Test series could be taken up in 2nd leg with the permission of Director.

Wish you all the best.



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